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Tue, Jun 27


1-605-472-5725, access code 19570165#

June 27, 2023 NSHA V Show Committee Meetings

Help NSHA V plan for 2024 Show Season

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June 27, 2023 NSHA V Show Committee Meetings
June 27, 2023 NSHA V Show Committee Meetings

Time & Location

Jun 27, 2023, 6:00 PM PDT

1-605-472-5725, access code 19570165#

About the event


Show Committee Meeting, held in person @ 3485 Vicki Ave Las Vegas, NV 89139 and via Teleconference Line Call in Teleconference Line 1-605-472-5725, access code 19570165# 6/27/23

1. Call meeting to order. Time:

2. Roll call:

3. Meeting Minutes from 6/13/23

4. Old Business:

• Buckle Options & Vote

• Year End Awards Banquet Location Ideas

• Discuss Western Dressage Awards and placings i. Currently placing 1st – 5th ribbons in each class (level) for each test. (For example, Class 67 is receiving ribbon placings for each test ridden: 67.1, 67.2, 67.3, 67.4) ii. Return to previous awards given. (1st – 5 th ribbons to Youth Rider, Amateur Rider and Open Rider) iii. Award ribbons to each class, all tests combined. (For example, class 67 has two riders who ride Test 1 and one rider who rides Test 3, the highest score ride is awarded 1st place, the second highest score is awarded 2nd, and the third highest score is awarded 3rd place.)

• Still needing volunteers o i. Ribbon Storage & Transport o ii. Volunteer Chairperson

5. New Business:

• 2023 Class Counts (document provided at 6/13/23 Show Committee meeting)

i. Youth numbers are low, how to increase Youth involvement?

a. Reduced fees?

b. Awards?

• Club community building

i. “Lunch Party” or “End of show” or “Friday Night”

a. Potluck?

b. Pizza Party?

ii. Clinic or demonstration

iii. Youth Group gatherings

a. Team building

b. Outreach opportunities

• Results from the Western Dressage Survey

i. Why was this survey sent out without input from Show Committee?

ii. ii. Why was this survey not sent to all members/exhibitors? iii. Results • Other New Business Attached are buckle options.


Attn: Show Committee members,

The board has received a formal grievance from an NSHA V member against show committee regarding their vote to remove Western Dressage from the all around performance  horse award. As part of this grievance the member has asked that all show committee meetings be suspended  until a grievance committee comes back with a decision regarding the grievance. The board of directors is asking show committee to suspend all meetings until a grievance committee can address the grievance.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter,

Please forward to any other show committee members I may have forgotten to add to this email.

Ebony Clark


NSHA V Members may participate and vote, non-members are welcome but may not vote. 6/13/2023 7pm via teleconference Conference Line 1-605-472-5725, access code 19570165#) 


New Business: 

(i) Co-Chairs to be elected (if only one chair is elected the president will assign remaining co-chair). 

(ii) 2024 Show Dates to be determined by show committee with submission to Parks & Recreation by June 15th  

(iii) Select Fall Buckle Design – Show committee will select one buckle design from choice of 5. June 15th.  

(iv) Year End Overall High Point Awards (Buckle or Jacket?) 

(v) Location of Year End Awards Banquet 

(vi) Review of 2023 Class Entries and Revenue Generated

(vii)  Judge Card Audit/Year-End Point Committee Volunteer - Must commit to  meeting within 7 days of every Show with Show Secretary.  

(viii) Rule  Change Proposal feasibility for 2024 Show Season (must be presented in  writing via Rule Form Change submitted by June 13, 2023 – Show Committee  recommendation to bring to Members for vote November of 2023. 

(vix) Local Professional Registry with Resume added to NSHA V Website. 

(x) NSHA V Satisfaction Survey Results. 

(xi) Other - to be added to agenda of 8/8/2023 Show Committee Meeting)

8/8/2023 7pm via teleconference Conference Line 1-605-472-5725, access code 19570165#) 


(i)    Show Committee Co-Chairs - Agenda sent to NSHA V President and Board no later than August 1,  2023, when approved sent to NSHA V members no later than August 6, 2023.   

(ii) Agenda to include record of All Rule Change Proposals reviewed with Show Committee Recommendation stated for the record. 

(iii)  Rule Changes for 2024 Show Season in writing and presented to the  President and NSHA V Board Members via email at no  later than August 15, 2023.

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